1- When is JEMSOS going to release its first issue?

- JEMSOS  released its first issue on 30th of July, 2015.

2- What is the publication frequency of JEMSOS?

- JEMSOS is published two times in a year.

3- Do the studies published in JEMSOS have any academically credit return? 

- Yes, they do. Since JEMSOS with an ISSN number is an international peer-reviewed academic journal, the studies in JEMSOS have academically credit for academicians. ISSN 2149-6439

4- What is the language of JEMSOS?

- JEMSOS is both in English and Turkish.

5- How does the peer-review process work in JEMSOS?

- In JEMSOS, everything is online. First of all, authors have to sign up for sending their studies. After sign up process, authors log in with their user name and passwords to fill in the mandatory fields for sending their studies. As soon as the studies are uploaded to the system, they are put into the editor’s inbox. Editor categorize the studies according to their fields and then send them to the referees.

6- What are the prerequisites of JEMSOS for publishing the studies?

- There is no prerequisite for publishing the studies unless they match to the journal’s authors’ guidelines.

7- What kind of study fields are accepted by JEMSOS?

-The studies about political science, international relations, security, management, economics, and public administration are accepted by JEMSOS.

8- What else does JEMSOS accept apart from academic papers?

-JEMSOS accepts book reviews and case studies as well. 

9- Do the authors need to pay any charge for the publication of their studies?

- For the publication of the studies, the editing fee is assessing from authors. This fee is 375 TL for Turkish authors and 125 USD for the non-Turkish authors.